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Motion control Electric Screwdriver

ES120 Motion Control Screwdriver (Pearl)

  • Operation Voltage      3-5V
  • No-load Speed            About 170rpm
  • Electronic Torque
  • Maximum Torque (manual mode)
  • Screwdriver Bit           4mm hexagon
  • Charging Time            45min
  • Running Time             30min (full power)
  • Charging Mode           Micro USB 5V Input
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E-design ES120 Motion Control Screwdriver (Pearl) for Mini Screwdriver Set 

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ES120 Mini Electric Screwdriver has set a new standard for electric screwdrivers. It is an electric screwdriver with a compact structure,  smart and exquisite appearance, as well as the function of motion control recognition.

It has only the length of a Parker pen, while endowed with a comfortable design for holding, and a set of highly energy-efficient accessories. Through an OLED screen, the device displays parameters and rotation modes of motion-control recognition. Under these help, you are able to easily complete the disassembling and assembling of your digital devices.

ES120 includes a planetary gearbox and a high-speed electric motor, with excellent support from the STM32 embedded micro-processor and angular velocity sensor. It operates at a voltage range of DC3V to 5V, and with various hexagonal screwdriver bits, the device helps you with fast disengaging and engaging of electronic products.


Hardware Parameters

Body Material    304 Stainless steel/Copper alloy

Screen              16*96 OLED

Battery             300mAh 10440 Lithium-ion battery

Lengh               131mm

Weight              107g(Steel)/114g(Pearl)

Rotor                Bidirectional overrunning clutch

Gearbox            1:144 Integrated planetary gearbox

Motor                25,000 rpm brush motor

Main Chip          STM32

Sensor              Angular velocity sensor


Smart Functions

1.Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode;

2.User ustomized configuration parameters (such as torsion, torque, etc);

3.Open source application layer.

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